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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh so blonde...

My niece, Tressa never has to wonder which side of the family her "blondeness" comes from. She happens to be one of the few people who understands my blonde moments and can totally relate to them. Tressa and I were talking several years ago and started comparing our blonde notes. We both laughed at the fact that we get nervous every time someone tells us a joke, knowing nine out of time times, we’re not going to “get” the joke, before the person even starts telling it. That day I told Tressa how embarrassed I get by my blonde moments and always hope no one finds out about them. Tressa laughed and told me she loves her blond moments AND shares them with all her friends. Our talk became a little turning point in my life. I decided it was time to start embracing my blondeness, realizing they are part of what makes up the crazy, zany person that I am. It sure makes life a lot more fun when you can laugh at the things you do, instead of letting them stress you out.

Recently I had a really cute blonde incident and this time it was all captured on paper. Since it’s too good not to share, here’s the back and forth emails from my dear friend Stephanie Owens. Yes, the very same Stephanie that designed my blog headder.

It started with an email from Steph on April 29th. At the end of the email she wrote ~I have something for you by the way...

my response ~
and please... I hate suspense!!!

Steph’s response ~
ahhhh... I can't say. but I have it on good authority that P.C. Tail stopped by my house a little early! :o)

my response ~
oh my friend how quickly you forget that your dear friend Molly is SO SO SO blonde that sometimes it's hard for her to figure out the simplest of things!
All I could think of when I read "P.C." is a computer. Here's how I read it -
“good authority that personal computer. (new sentence) Tail stopped by my house a little early.”
well Steph, there's your laugh for today!

Steph’s response ~
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.. and neither has my boss... you tickle me... and PC Tail.. is Peter Cotton Tail... :o) love you!

my response ~

I figured it out and now that darn song, "here comes Peter Cottontail" is STUCK in my head!!!

~ Well, so o much for keeping my blonde moments to myself, huh? Glad Steph AND her boss enjoyed my blonde moment of the day!

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  1. oh how I love you my dear dear friend! The funny part is I was born blonde and was blonde until my second child... you can dye your hair but the roots tell the truth! huggs...