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Pop the lid on my Mason Jar and meet my family. Jim {Jimma} and I have four kids, Creston (Ashley), Jami (Matt), Brandon and Chance. Our grandkids, Cade, Kirby, Eisley, Beck and Reed bring us more joy than any Mason Jar could ever hold. I am counting my blessings over and over and thanking God for His amazing love and grace.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet Cade

Our ten year old grandson, Cade, has to be the sweetest, most considerate, well-mannered little boys there is, bar none! He is such a pleasure to be around and makes quiet the impression on the people he meets, including my friend Jerry. She really got to know him this summer when we spent a lot of time fishing and shrimping on her dock.

One day while Cade was staying with us, we invited Jerry to come over for a home cooked meal he helped prepare. Yep, the boy even knows how to cook! Chef Cade fixed some delicious steamed shrimp and fresh green beans, that he hand picked from the produce department, for Miss Jerry’s lunch date. I must say we were all impressed!

I think Cade really won Miss Jerry’s heart with the thank you note he recently wrote to her. It’s just too precious not to share, so I made a copy before I mailed it and thought I'd share it.

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  1. How sweet is this kid????? Sounds a bit like a grandmother bragging, but I think his thank you note tells the truth -- he really is all you said, any probably more!!